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This weekend was a weekend where I managed to go without buying a new plant. Plants for me are like an addiction. I just love admiring the patterns and textures in the leaves. While I am addicted to plants, every Monday morning when I do my watering, I remember why I can’t buy a plant every weekend (just every other weekend =).


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My husband Gavin and I bought our first home together two years ago. We always lived in furnished apartments before moving into our flat in Amsterdam. I’ve always loved interior decorating and there are a lot of styles we really liked. We started buying just the basics like a couch, and we had a lovely dining table made by his dad. Millennials we are, we just weren’t at the place in our life yet where we could go to gallery and buy big pieces of art to fill the walls. This is kind of where my addiction started, or was reborn. I remembered how much life a simple plant (or ten) can add to your space for a small amount of money.


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Decorating with houseplants didn’t just begin in Amsterdam, though. Even when I was a student in at Parsons School of Design, I lived with my two roommates, and even then we had a lot of plants. We had a corn plant, which was so easy to take care of. I remember we would have friends over and they would always comment on how many orchids we had. I was obsessed, plain and simple.


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Eventually I ended up moving around a lot in New York City, also studied in Scotland, and then later moved to Amsterdam, so I went a while without plants while moving around. It wasn’t until Gavin and I actually bought our house that my plant obsession was reborn.


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I love having hanging plants in the house. Admittedly, I have started to run out of floor space for more big pots on the floor. When we were house hunting, it was important for us to have a lot of light. We live on the fourth and fifth floor in our building, so light was pouring in through the windows for the majority of the day. We ended up hanging a steel cable across the ceiling so we could hang a hanging basket at every window. It adds so much character to the place!


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We have now relocated again to Waterloo, Canada. Sadly my plants couldn’t move with us, but now I am beginning a new life with new plants and new projects. This is a blog where I share my passion for plants, styling, DIY and the latest trends for your home. This is My Style Green House.


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