DIY Desk Makeover – Jewelry Box Vibes

After moving to Canada, we had a lot of expenses to cover the move. In our last apartment in Amsterdam, we had a funny space that needed a custom desk in order to fit the space. Luckily in our new house in Waterloo, we could buy almost anything and it would work in the space. I found this small desk on Kijiji for only $30CAD. The drawers are super functional with two drawers for files, and compartments for pens, etc. in the others.




The desk was in a pretty sorry state of repair, and I bought the desk knowing the entire thing needed to be refinished. I wanted to paint the desk white, as our guest room the desk would be going in is a light gray with white trim. I felt like the desk really needed to be refreshed, it was so dated looking before.


After 1


I ended up starting by sanding down the desk top to remove the original stain and all of those horrible scratches. Afterwards I continued to sand the rest of the desk to remove the sealant. Paint doesn’t want to stick to the top coat on furniture, so sanding is a really important yet tedious step.


Progress 1


Once the sanding was completed, I began to paint the entire thing white. I felt like once the desk was all white, it was missing a little bit of gold.


Progress 2


I hand painted the edges of the detailing on the drawers and side panels gold. Although the desk was completely dated before, I felt like the architecture of the desk was really beautiful, which was brought into all it’s glory once it was painted. I loved the idea of the gold edging on the desk top, but with the natural wood color it didn’t really pop like how I wanted.


Progress 3


I decided to stain the desk top using ebony stain for a number of reasons. Firstly, the idea of painting the desk top white seemed like a terrible idea, as I’m planning on using this desk a lot. The other reason is after living in Northern Europe for so long, I’m really into the Scandanavian style of monochromatic design with hints of luxury. It was pretty nerve racking doing the stain such a dark color, but in the end I am so glad I did.


After 3


Throughout the desk makeover, I really struggled to decide what kind of handles I wanted to use. I am a trained goldsmith and jewelry addict, and I already was feeling some major jewelry box vibes from the desk even without the handles. I decided to hand craft these drawer knobs using natural raw amethyst clusters. The dark amethyst color looks amazing with the desk top, and the gold detailing on the knobs coordinates with the rest of the desk beautifully.


After 2


This upcycled desk makeover allowed me to unleash my creativity for a beautiful and functional workspace. This is My Style Green House.


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