I am Jenna, a Waterloo based plant lover, jeweler, and designer. I was born a flower child and grew up playing in my family’s greenhouse since day 1. My love for plants is something that is in my blood. My great grand parents started Pierson’s Flower Shop and Greenhouses in 1928. The business was passed down from generation to generation. For as long as I can remember, I was getting my hands dirty in the garden. That’s me on the right with my two sisters and my grandpa. My first job was at the greenhouse, transplanting seedlings into trays getting ready for Spring.


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I grew up, and moved from Iowa to New York City where I attended art and design school. My inspiration in my art was always some how plant related. My background in design and metalsmithing has given me the ability to design and craft projects for my house myself. Whether it’s hanging plants from the ceiling to hand crafting crystal cluster drawer knobs, there’s nothing that I feel like can’t be done in the house. Since then, I relocated for a five year stint in Europe. I am now back in North America and based in Waterloo, Ontario. I look forward to sharing my creativity, plant and style journey with you.